Justyn Iman…. yes say it slow and let it MARINATE!

Growing up I totally hated my name! Why would my mother give me such a boy(ISH) name? Justyn pronounced like Justin. Iman (middle name) pronounced like E-MON lol Okay so this has nothing to do with this page. whatever!

“Every Bloggers Dream” is the page where I can share pieces of myself with the world, through photos and stories. I love to write and express. I gain inspiration in EVERYTHING literally!….. especially trees pls don’t ask why….. I just do lol.



The New American Dream; (before I get started no I am NOT married nor do I have children) Now! here we go. This photoshoot was not only a tribute for mothers day, but also inspired by what I consider to be the American Dream. Most families in the community that I come from (black obviously) have many broken homes, suffer from abuse from one another and much more. The New American Dream in my own world would consist of a Successful family, kids, home, and of course the soccer mom car.  (the ride was essential for the picture). I plan to encourage love, success, and togetherness in the black community.




Popcorn is equivalent to a butterfly (follow me here) so think about the process of popcorn. kernel…heat…and WAH LAH! there you have it POPCORN. Now lets reflect on the process of the butterfly…. catapillar…. cocoon…and BOOM! There you have it a BUTTERFLY (please ignore my crazy random super surprising “sayings” lol) but anyways transforming laces into bows basically explains my life. I wanted to do a shoot that was super cute (I know I know thank you lol *smiles from ear to ear*) but where I allowed the details to explain the picture. The popcorn stand symbolize’s the process of being a girl and transforming into a woman. kernel (baby)…..heat (things we go through, depression, self esteem issues etc.)…POPCORN (the woman I am today). The Captain hat symbolizes the fact that I live a life where I am in charge and I totally trust myself….. enjoy 🙂



IMG_4560Love Yourself Girl Or Nobody Will -J.Cole

Confidence is always the best accessory any woman can have. (side bar; don’t you hate when your going out and you feel super cute, but you can’t find that song you love to sing really loud in the car and the red light now all of a sudden moves fast to green……. eehhhh)



Stuck in the 60’s

I am so obsessed with the 50’s-60’s era. The colors, high wasted bottoms, and the cutesy vibe of a classy pin up girl. I would totally be that corny mom sitting on my front reading the business section of the paper and waiting for my children to get home from school with fresh cookies and milk on the counter. LOL ENJOY!


FullSizeRender 4She has earned her STRIPES

I consider myself to be the girl who boss. The END 🙂




Follow The Leader

I often find myself, thinking…. dreaming… well idk if thinking and dreaming would be the same because I find myself doing both 24 hours a day.



Hurry Up And BUY! 

I appreciate how the Chinese culture decides to be driven by determination, and respect.


Just AN Update

It is approximately 11:28PM Weds. August 31st, 2017 and I’m feeling super blessed and thankful, Ive grown so much over the years and I never truly stop to give myself any credit. I am my BIGGEST critic. God is REAL. THE END 🙂