Social-Emotional Programs

laces to bows boxing shoot

“We are fighting the good fight to turn those laces and loose ends, the confused days and painful moments into BOWS.”

Laces To Bows Inc. prides itself on “Teaching Girls The Proper Way To Lace And Tie The Bows Of Their Lives”. Our organization serves to empower youth with the necessary framework to build a strong and steady foundation for a self-sufficient life.

Our target areas:

• Mentoring
• Workforce Development
• Tutoring
• Scholarships for schools
• Life skills workshops

“Pretty Girl With Purpose EXTEND”

This program supports and is the follow-up to “Pretty Girl With Purpose” book. The target group for the program are middle and high school after-school programs. The group will be a safe space where girls can learn about themselves and others.
The program is designed for 9 weeks of instruction. Each week/unit will consist of 3 lessons that span a total of 27 days of interactive mentoring. The program includes units with detailed lesson plans as well as a culminating project to review and practice all program material. The unit topics expand on the 5 agreements in the book to include:
• Self: Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Confidence
• Relationships: Building Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Family, Friends
• Leadership: Enhancing Leadership Qualities and Becoming a Leader
• Our Changing World: Peer Pressure, Accepting Differences
• Social Media: Safety, Cyber-Bullying and Communication
• Feminism: Defining Feminism, Role Models
• Health: Healthy Habits, Personal Hygiene and Making Good Choices
• The Future: Making a difference

Laces To Bows Inc. Anuual Boot Camp

Week long summer camp for girls ages 7-18 that includes mentoring sessions, training classes, social activities, field trips along with other specially planned events. Session and classes topics include etiquette 101, cooking, dance/fitness, sewing, art, grooming, pampering, with many more activities still to be planned!

Laces to Bows Higher Learning Project

Effort to expose potential 1st generation college students to the requirements of higher education. Facilitate college tours,coordinate SAT and ACT prep course, complete personal strengths assessment, meet with guidance counselors, review financial aid requirements, and assist with college applications. Partner with colleges to allow teens to stay overnight to experience “life on campus”. Laces to Bows will continue to provide mentoring and support throughout college matriculation to ensure successful degree completion.

Laces To Bows Inc. Girls Tour

Regional tour of local middle and high schools, colleges, and universities to promote the mission of empowering, inspiring and involving girls and young ladies to identify their purpose and passion, and to build self-confidence and set achievable and measurable goals in life.